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    AIgerim Kasenayeva: «I want to be the World Champion»
    AIgerim Kasenayeva: «I want to be the World Champion»
    Boxer from Akmola region has won the gold medal at the Kazakhstan National Championships.
    23 may 2018

    AIgerim Kasenayeva (48 kg) in the interview to the official website of Kazakhstan Boxing Federation summed up the results of the Kazakhstan National Championships, thanked her coach and told that she wanted to be the World Champion. 

    - Our congratulations! Are you satisfied with the result?

    - In general, everything was fine and I was happy that I could win. My opponents were strong and bouts with them were difficult. Previously I had bouts with Alua Balkibekova and I always lost. It happened at last championships among youth and elite. This time I did it and won the bout against her. I did it because of my coach Alexander Vysotskyi. He gave proper instructions and remarks. Thank him very much.  

    - What can you tell about tournament?

    - Organization level was high. I liked everything because it is the National Championships and the tournament must be held on high level.

    - Do you think that you could follow all instructions?

    - I think I could. Coach was satisfied with me. I won the gold medal and became the Champion of Kazakhstan. After all challenges I am happy very much as I had a long way to get it and I could come over all this things. And the feeling from victory is better.

    - Your result will influence on the final line-up which will go the World Championships. Do you agree with that?

    - We have enough time prior the World Championships. We should necessary keep working and stay focused because everything can change in sports.  

    - What is your purpose at the World Championships.

    - I want to be the World Champion as all athletes want. I want to win the first place and I think everything will be fine. I should believe in myself and follow my purpose.