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    Samat Bashenov: «The National Team is in great hands today»
    Samat Bashenov: «The National Team is in great hands today»
    For several years the boxer was successfully participating for «Astana Arlans».
    29 march 2018

    The ex-boxer of the Kazakhstan National Team and "Astana Arlans" Samat Bashenov in an interview has told about the reasons of finishing the career and why he didn't go to the Olympic Games in Rio.

    - Samat, you didn't come into the ring in recent years. What are doing now? Have you finished the career?

    - Yes, I have finished boxer career. Now I have a job out of sport.

    - Why did you take such decision?

    - I thought it was a time to finish the career. I'm not so young and recently I didn't enjoy boxing classes.

    - Did you have an opportunity to go into professionals?

    - Yes, I was suggested to try in professionals; however, I have decided that it was not mine. It is possible to tell that I'm full of boxing.

    - It happened because of your unexpected defeat to the Uzbek boxer Gaibnazarov?

    - Not really. For sure that defeat left a negative impact on my heart; however, I left sport not because of it. Sometimes it is necessary to sit down and think of the further way. I talked to friends and family and I decided to finish sport career.

    - - It seemed that a five-round format was better for you than amateur boxing one. Why?

    - First of all I liked the style and manner of such fights. Acting for "Astana Arlans" you understand that you have more time for restoration and rehabilitation. In amateur boxing I didn't always have a time for this. As you know periods between fights in WSB are longer than in amateur boxing.  

    - Samat, what can you tell about perspectives of the Kazakhstan National Team? Does anyone from youth team attract your attention?

    - I will tell honestly that now I don't always watch boxing. But I like Abilkhan Amankul. This boy has a good future. The main thing is not to stop developing. And I don't know others. However, with our youth team the future of the national team is in great hands

    - How do you think our national team can take the first all-team place at the Asian Games in Indonesia?

    - We always have many good boxers. Present generation is not an exception. They show the force of our boxing school. If coaches set a task to win the first place, so they know it is really possible for them. They assess a situation in each weight category and know our opportunities. The main thing is to get ahead of Uzbek boxers who have turned into one of the strongest national teams of the world for several years.  

    We note that Samat Bashenov was a captain of Astana Arlans for many years. He was the first number of the national team of Kazakhstan in 64 kg weight category.