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    Aiboldy Daurenuly: «The Kazakhstan Boxing Federation always gives the chance to develop»
    Aiboldy Daurenuly: «The Kazakhstan Boxing Federation always gives the chance to develop»
    At the Felix Stamm tournament in Poland the Kazakhstan national team has won four gold, two silver and one bronze medals.
    27 march 2018

    Aiboldy Daurenuly in an interview to the official web site of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation have told about what wasn't enough for a victory in semi-final, have shared plans for the next few months and also called the best boxer of Kazakhstan now.

    - Aiboldy, at the Felix Stamm tournament in Poland you have won a bronze medal. Are you happy with this result?

    - There is a certain feeling of disappointment that I didn't show everything in a semi-final. Though, it is necessary to recognize that I had worthy and skilled opponents. Of course, there was a wish to win "gold" medal but I failed. I think I will do it next time. In the semifinal with Russian Magomed Omarov I have chosen incorrect tactics and waited for his mistaken. Only at the end of the bout I understood that such tactics didn't give results and I decided to attack. But it was late. Now I understand that I must be active during the whole bout and then judges will raise your hand.

    - How will this result affect on the final list of candidates for the national team who will go to the main event of this year - Asian Games in Indonesia?

    - It is early to speak about it. There are several months prior to the tournament in Indonesia and a lot of things can change. The coaching staff always knows about opportunities of this or that boxer. Therefore I was faced by a task to win the category. We will have more competitions and anything can happen.

    - You are called quite often as a future leader of the super heavyweight in Kazakhstan. Do you think this is justified?

    - Experts know better. If they speak about it, so it is true. I need to justify their confidence now and to meet expectations. We will see.

    - Are you happy how your career moves ahead?

    - Yeas, in general. I started to box better than earlier. I gain an experience with good opponents. After such large competitions as the Felix Stamm tournament I can say that I reach absolutely other level of development. There is a wish to go only further. And Kazakhstan Boxing Federation always gives the chance to develop and to visit various tournaments. For example, in the middle of April we have planned a tournament of four countries in Ukraine, Kharkiv which will last two weeks. There we will go for new experience. In summer we will have tradition tournament - Republic of Kazakhstan President's Cup.