Kazakhstan Boxing Federation
    Daniyar Yeleusinov has carried out the first bouts after the Olympic Games
    Daniyar Yeleusinov has carried out the first bouts after the Olympic Games
    There was a match between national teams of Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan in the World Boxing Academy.
    20 february 2018

    The tournament became a result of big training camp of Russians and Kazakhstan boxers. Then boxers from Uzbekistan have joined them at the end of camp. The head coach of Russian National Team Eduard Kravtsov was satisfied with results:

    - Fighting practice was the main objective of this camp, - Kravtsov has noted. - At first we held joint fighting trainings within 10 days and then we had a sparring work. I consider that everything has passed very successfully and we have got the good experience and have checked our athletes in practice. In return I can tell that what I needed to see I have seen and the tasks which we set for the boxers in principle are executed.

    In final day it was the match between teams of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. In 10 duels with the score 6:4 Kazakhstan boxers won the match with the Olympic champion Daniyar Yeleusinov for whom this match became the first post-Olympic test have won. Yeleusinov battled against Bobousmon Baturov.

    - In general there was very difficult fight. After the Olympic Games I didn't act yet and this match was the first one, - Daniyar has told. - I am not absolutely happy with the performance, but during this time I didn't come into the ring yet and I consider today's result satisfactory. I will be better. I didn't meet this rival earlier but I know him and I watched the Islamic games.

    At the beginning of March the Kazakhstan boxers will go to Feliks Stamm's tournament in Poland and the GeeBee in Finland but the main tournament for men's and women's teams will be the Asian games which will held in Indonesia in August.