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    Valentina Khalzova: «I’m going to win in Vietnam»
    Valentina Khalzova: «I’m going to win in Vietnam»
    The world champion in 69 kg weight category Valentina Khalzova as a part of the women's national team is preparing for the Asian Championships. 
    17 october 2017

    Our team is having a training camp in Astana, in the center of boxing. At the end of the month Vadim Prisyazhnyuk's team is going to Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) where the continental tournament will be held.

    In the interview to the official web site of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation Valentina has told about the recovering from injury, tasks at the Asian Championships and books which she will take with herself during flight in Vietnam.

    - Valentina, how is your preparation? I noticed that from the first day of the camp in Astana there is hard.

    - We are ready to such work because we all have worked well on the previous camp in our base in AIBA Academy in Almaty. Here we also continued trainings therefore the organism got used to it. We all think about the Asian Championships and all our forces are directed to remaining the best on the continent.

    - There was an interesting exercise when you were long turned on the place, checking coordination, I guess.

    - All this develops with trainings. For me it is a normal exercise as I have a nephew and you twist him and it is the same vestibular mechanism. (Laugh).

    - What kind of exercises is the most difficult for you?

    - I don't know. They all are difficult. You always learn something new. I can't tell that it is somehow difficult. I like it.

    - Would you say you are completely recovered from the injury which didn't allow you to compete at the President's Cup?

    - Everything is getting better, everything is treated. The main thing is psychological well being and then I would say there is no injury any more.

    - Did you worry you were without a practice for the certain period because of injury?

    - I have nervousness but it is nothing because there are trainings. Girls help me to be recovered. We are standing in pairs and preparing.

    - At the Asian Championships you are going to participate as a current World Champion.

    - As prior to the World Champion in Astana I would say that I am going to win. I don’t care how others will be looking at me. I am going to get my goals and what kinds of troubles will be on my way I will do the best to get it. I’m training for this.