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    Infromation from AIBA about Olympic Games Weight Categories
    Infromation from AIBA about Olympic Games Weight Categories
    Infromation from AIBA about Olympic Games Weight Categories:
    12 june 2017

    Will this decision impact on the 2017 AIBA Men’s World Championships?


    The format for the competition in Hamburg remains the same with ten weight categories contested. The AIBA relevant Commissions will discuss the implications for future World Championships when appropriate, but their immediate focus is on Tokyo 2020.


    Which weight categories will be affected?


    There are several ways in which the structure can be optimized in order to deliver the new Olympic weight categories, and the AIBA relevant Commissions will be assessing them all in the coming weeks before presenting their proposals to the AIBA Executive Committee in July.


    Is the end goal to reach complete gender equality for Olympic Boxing?


    AIBA and the IOC worked together closely on the initial introduction of women’s boxing to the Olympic Games, and we continue to do so as we reduce the equality gap even further. We cannot speculate at this stage what will happen beyond Tokyo 2020 as we need to take into consideration the essence and particularism of our sport.


    Will Tokyo 2020 also see the removal of headgaurds for the women boxers?


    AIBA is continuing to build on its initial study from the 2016 Women’s World Championships in Astana, the conclusions of which were recently published in the British Medical Journal. The AIBA team will be conducting a second phase of data analysis at the forthcoming Youth and Elite women Championships, and is confident that it will have all the necessary data in order to make the appropriate decision in due time.