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    Berikbol Kasymkhanov: The Kazakhstan judges are very highly regarded in the world
    Berikbol Kasymkhanov: The Kazakhstan judges are very highly regarded in the world
    From July 24 to 28 in the Alakol district of Almaty region the certification judge course has taken place. One of speakers, Berikbol Kasymkhanov, the international category boxing judge AIBA has told about the course in the interview to the official web-site of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation.
    28 july 2017

    43 judges from Kazakhstan took part in the course. Many of them are very young. The objective of the course is to share the knowledge, to acquaint with changes in the AIBA rules, to show judges the practical skills which they didn't have earlier. Kazakhstan Boxing Federation as an organizer of the course represented by the Coordinator for Judiciary Liaisons Mr Aslan Igubayev and the Chairman of the Judiciary Board Mr Yermek Suiyenish.


    As the speakers of the course were judges of the international category 3 stars AIBA: Kazin Uzbek and Natalya Tsoi working at the last Olympic Games in Rio. Such experts as Yeleusiz Dyuisekov, Yerlan Gazizov, Kairat Galimtayev, Kairat Zhumankulov, Nursultan Konarbayev also took part in the course.


    Also I have proposed to hold oral examination for judges. It is about how to behave in the different situations during the bout. Judges have passed written examination and have answered 50 various questions. Also practical work was done: watching the bouts and refereeing by notes and on the computer.


    Separately worth noting that the vice-president of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation Bauyrzhan Ospanov has got acquainted with all participants of the courser, had a talk with judges and learned their wishes.


    It would be great if such courses were held more frequently. It is important for development of the Kazakhstan refereeing level. W should never forget that a lot of things in boxing depend on decisions of judges and if the judge makes a mistake, its price will be too much liability.


    As for our potential the Kazakhstan judges are very highly regarded in the world. A key factor is a good practical experience which they have. Working in the ring is very important. As the judge performing well in the ring is evident for other judges, heads of the judicial board and supervisors of the tournament. There is also such concept as "spectator sympathies" when fans estimate work of judges and the reaction gives a personal assessment. But we shouldn't try to overact. We have many perspective judges who are capable to develop, progress in the future in order to work at the most prestigious international tournaments. It is always important to have an aspiration and desire to develop.