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    New faces in the Women’s National Boxing Team
    New faces in the Women’s National Boxing Team
    The Women’s National Boxing Team has been updated. At the National Championships in Astana two girls, Akerke Bakhytzhan and Milana Safronova, who have never won gold medals became winners of this tournament.
    18 may 2018

    25-years old Akerke from Kyzylorda region was in the final at the championships 2014 and won the silver medal. Now became the lead member of the national team she has an objective – a participation at the World Cup. The next World Championships will be held in India in this autumn.

    Milana Safronova from Karagandy was also the winner of the National Championships for the first time. In the final bout her opponent was Madina Nurshayeva, an Asian Champion, who didn’t expect the strong will to win from Milana Safronova.

     - That final bout was the easiest one - Safronova said after competitions. – My opponent was good experienced and strong boxer and I thank her for spectacular boxing. I had two professional bouts in Seoul and Moscow. Results of the bouts were draw. And I decided to come back to amateur boxing because I didn’t say my last word here. It is just a beginning.   

    There was a traditional competition between Nazym Kyzaibay and Zhaina Shekerbekova. This time the final was won by Nazym. Dina Zholaman, the World Champion 2016, became the 7th time National Champion. Dariga Shakimova and Lyazzat Kungeibayeva also have won gold medals.

    Astana team has taken the 1st place in all teams competition with 3 gold and 2 bronze medals, Almaty – the 2nd place with 2 gold and 4 bronze medals and Akmola region – the 3rd place with 2 gold and 2 bronze medals.  

    Prize-winners of the Kazakhstan National Women's Boxing Championships 2018:

    48 kg

    Alua Balkibekova (Zhambyl region)

    Aigerim Kasenayeva (Akmola region)

    Akerke Khusainova (Almaty), Alina Turlybayeva (Pavlodar region)

    51 kg

    Nazym Kyzaibay (Almaty)

    Zhaina Shekerbekova (South Kazakhstan region)

    Angelina Lukas (South Kazakhstan region), Dariga Pshenchinova (East Kazakhstan region)

    54 kg

    Dina Zholaman (Akmola region)

    Aida Tuyakbay (South Kazakhstan region)

    Rano Parkhatova (Almaty), Balausa Muzdiman (Almaty)

    57 kg

    Saniya Sultankyzy (Astana)

    Nazym Ischanova (Atyrau region)

    Vladislava Kukhta (Kostanai region), Dametken Kelimbet (Kyzylorda region)

    60 kg

    Rimma Volosenko (Astana)

    Aizhan Khodzhabekova (Karagandy region)

    Karina Ibragimova (Akmola region), Zhanna Baskaeyva (Mangistau)

    64 kg

    Milana Safronova (Karagandy region)

    Madina Nurshayeva (South Kazakhstan region)

    Lyailya Kusainova (Zhambyl region), Sandugash Abilkhan (Zhambyl region)

    69 kg

    Akerke Bakhytzhan (Kyzylorda region)

    Bayan Akbayeva (Almaty region)

    Aliya Abdraimova (Astana), Shynar Yuldasheva (Atyrau region)

    75 kg

    Dariga Shakimova (Almaty region)

    Aida Ondash (Kyzylorda region)

    Saniya Alzhanova (Aktobe region), Saltanat Yestayeva (South Kazakhstan region)

    81 kg

    Fariza Sholtai (South Kazakhstan region)

    Anastasiya Rylina (Kostanai region)

    Moldir Bazarbayeva (Akmola region), Altyn Mukushpekova (Astana)


    Lyazzat Kungeibayeva (Astana)

    Umida Sadykova (Almaty)

    Nadira Maratova (Almaty), Akbota Isakulova (Karagandy region).