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    The Kazakhstan Youth Championships Are Over
    The Kazakhstan Youth Championships Are Over
    The Kazakhstan Youth Boxing Championships were closed on March 2 in Kyzylorda.
    03 march 2014

    185 athletes born in 1996-1997 from all regions of the country took part in the national championships. Boxers fought for the champion titles in 11 weight classes: 46, 49, 52, 56, 60, 64, 69, 75, 81, 91, and +91 kg.

    The championships that had started on February 24 featured the strongest boxers of the said age group, such as Rakhat Myrzhikpayev (Astana), World Junior Champion; Vladislav Stalbovsky (Karaganda), Asian Champion, World Championships competitor; Stoyan Mazur (Almaty), World Championships prizewinner; Sabyrzhan Abilov (Kyzylorda), Asian Champion, World Championships competitor; Bauyrzhan Temirkhan (South Kazakhstan Region) and Alimzhan Beskempir (Zhambyl), World Junior Championships prizewinners. Six 2014 Asian Championships winners did not participate in the national tournament as they were performing at the International Brandenburg Cup in Germany.

    The unofficial team score is as follows: the first place was shared by representatives of the South Kazakhstan and Zhambyl Regions, and the third place was won by athletes from Almaty.

    Talking about the plans, Chief Coach of the Youth National Team Galymzhan Kenzhebayev noted that the team would be preparing for the World Championships to be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on April 10-25, where athletes would fight for the licenses for the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games in Chine.

    Reflecting on the tournament outcomes, Yermakhan Ibraimov, Director of the Olympic Training Center, said that the participants showed good level of preparedness and skilled boxing.

    “I am sure that our athletes will achieve high results at the World Youth Boxing Championships in Sofia and Summer Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, and in the course of time they will become competitors to adult athletes,” emphasized Mr. Ibraimov.

    According to Regulations, the championship winners are awarded the title of a Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Moreover, the medalists are granted diplomas of the Agency for Sports and Physical Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    Winners and Medalists of the Kazakhstan Youth Boxing Championships

    46 kg

    1. Sabyr Zholshiyev (Pavlodar Region)

    2. Miras Yertanov (Almaty Region)

    3. Kuanysh Duisenbai (Mangystau Region)

    3. Adilet Gibadat (Akmola Region)

    49 kg

    1. Shalkar Aikynbai (South Kazakhstan Region)

    2. Yerturgan Zeinulinov (Almaty Region)

    3. Rustem Shaumenov (Karaganda Region)

    3. Alimzhan Beskempir (Zhambyl Region)

    52 kg

    1. Yergesh Orazkhan (Karaganda Region)

    2. Mukhamet Myrzatai (Zhambyl Region)

    3. Andrei Pavlov (Kostanai Region)

    3. Tilek Kadyrkhanov (East Kazakhstan Region)

    56 kg

    1. Sabyrzhan Abilov (Kyzylorda Region)

    2. Nurzhan Makashbayev (Almaty Region)

    3. Daniyar Kauyshkan (Kyzylorda Region)

    3. Orazbek Toishybayev (Atyrau Region)

    60 kg

    1. Sayat Muratbekov (East Kazakhstan Region)

    2. Rauan Zatulla (South Kazakhstan Region)

    3. Rasul Zhanbyrbai (West Kazakhstan Region)

    3. Demezhan Saidagali (Almaty)

    64 kg

    1. Abilkhan Amankul (Zhambyl Region)

    2. Adilet Demeshov (Aktobe Region)

    3. Kambar Ginayatov (West Kazakhstan Region)

    3. Serik Zhetibayev (Mangystau Region)

    69 kg

    1. Rakhat Marzhikpayev (Astana)

    2. Ilya Ochkin (Pavlodar Region)

    3. Yelaman Serikbai (Almaty Region)

    3. Vladislav Stalbovsky (Karaganda Region)

    75 kg

    1. Bekzhan Bakirov (Zhambyl Region)

    2. Zhandos Khairullayev (Akmola Region)

    3. Kadyrbek Sadykbek (Almaty)

    3. Bekbolat Yesen (South Kazakhstan Region)

    81 kg

    1. Dinislam Bibolat (Almaty)

    2. Timur Yerzhanov (East Kazakhstan Region)

    3. Aidos Duash (Almaty)

    3. Yernar Yernazaruly (Pavlodar Region)

    91 kg

    1. Nurlan Saparbai (South Kazakhstan Region)

    2. Abylai Baktyoraz (Mangystau Region)

    3. Kadyrzhan Zhaksylyk (Zhambyl Region)

    3. Yunus Aslakhanov (Almaty)

    +91 kg

    1. Mukhit Kosherbai (Almaty)

    2. Dmitry Zisko (Karaganda Region)

    3. Kurmantai Nurov (South Kazakhstan Region)

    3. Sabyrgali Sembayev (Mangystau Region)