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    Shakimova Dariga: «It is early to speak about my top play»
    Shakimova Dariga: «It is early to speak about my top play»
    Dariga has won a gold medal at the tournament on Marina Volnova's prizes.
    20 march 2018

    In an interview to the official web site of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation Dariga Shakimova has told about performance at the international tournament in Shchuchinsk and that she was not in a good shape yet.

    - Dariga, we congratulate you on the won gold medal at the tournament in Shchuchinsk! Did you have a goal to win the gold in this category?

    - Yes, I set such task and prepared for winning. Before competitions any athlete sets the task to win. For this purpose they prepare and work hard to win.

    - Your competitor Niyen-Chin Chong from Taipei didn't come into the ring in the final. You were surprised?

    - Yes, it was unexpected. The reason of her absence is unknown to me. On arrival at the tournament I was told that she has also arrived to Shchuchinsk. It was very interesting to me to fight with her as she is a prize-winner of the World Cup. But it didn't happen. I think that we will meet soon.

    - How do you think you are at the top of play?  

    - I wouldn't tell that I am in good shape now. Of course, I try to support it as I train and prepare hard. I consider it is early to speak about optimum shape because we will have important competitions and it will be necessary to be well prepared for them.