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    Ilyas Suleymenov: «I want to win every moment and everywhere»
    Ilyas Suleymenov: «I want to win every moment and everywhere»
    The Kazakhstan National Team is having a joint educational training camp with Russian team.
    17 february 2018

    Ilyas Suleymenov (56 kg) in an interview to the official web site of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation has summed up the tournament results in Hungary, has told about training camp and has shared opinion on the competition in the national team.

    - Ilyas, we congratulate you on the deserved victory at the tournament in Hungary! What kind of feelings do you have after the tournament?

    - I feel great. Last year I finished on the positive note and this year I have already won the tournament in Debrecen. It is always pleasant to begin calendar year with a victory therefore I think the victory will give me a confidence. It shows that I am on a right way.

    - How was a tournament?

    - The tournament was equal and difficult. Acclimatization and time zones difference has affected on us. We have begun to box in arrival day. The tournament lasted four days and all these days we were on the ring. It was tough as we didn't have time to rest and recovery enough. Out opponents were good fighters. Duels were close and at that moment the important things were personal preparation and mood on the ring. 

    - The Kazakhstan National Team is having a joint educational training camp with Russian boxers. How does there take place preparation?

    - A part of the main national team has been training several days while we all have arrived a few days ago. We are only recovering after the tournament in Hungary. The camp takes place in mountains of Almaty region that needs also to be considered. Meanwhile we have been provided a rest till tomorrow (the conversation was on Tuesday – author). Then we will begin trainings and joint sparring with Russian and Uzbekistan boxers.

    - Your weight category is one of the strongest in the national team. There are the World Champion Kairat Yeraliyev and the finalist of the last national championship Nurbol Kalzhanov in this weight category. It will be difficult to break through them?

    - Kairat and Nurbol are good competitors. We are friends out of the ring. Now they are on the camp too. I respect them as opponents and people. However all friendship is out of a ring. It is a sport and the competition helps us become stronger. Before Asian Games it is planned to hold the Republic of Kazakhstan President's Cup which will become a selection for the right to represent Kazakhstan at the international competitions. This tournament will give us the answers.  

    - Hungary was done. What kind of tasks do you have in this year?

    - The main task is the Asian Games in Indonesia. Also this year there will take place many international tournaments. I want to win every moment and everywhere.