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    Rimma Volosenko: «I want the anthem of my country to be always played»
    Rimma Volosenko: «I want the anthem of my country to be always played»
    The women's national team of Kazakhstan has an educational training camp in Almaty region.
    09 february 2018

    The member of the women's national team of Kazakhstan Rimma Volosenko (60 kg) in an interview to the official web site of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation has told about the training of national team, results of the Nation's Cup in Serbia and she has shared expectations from a new season.

    - Rimma, could you please describe a training process of the Kazakhstan national team?

    - Now we are having the ETC in Almaty region. Trainings are every day in the intensive way. I am very happy with preparation and I hope that I will be in perfect shape prior main competitions of the current year. Also we were adjoined by a part of youth boxers who only begin their way in elite amateur boxing. At the moment our team is growing and we have new members in the national team.

    - In March there will take place the tournament in Shchuchinsk city on Marina Volnova's prizes. What tasks do you set for yourself at this competition?

    As well as all other athletes I am determined to win the first place. I am feeling good and it is only need to gain the necessary conditions. Just before the beginning of this tournament we have planned one more training camp in Shchuchinsk. I think that additional preparation will allow acting successfully.

    - In January you have taken part in the Nations's Cup in the Serbian Sombore where you were in the semi-final having conceded to the competitor from England who has lost to Karina Ibragimova in final. What wasn't enough for a victory?

    It seems to me that I didn't wotk hard enough. I have missed something in the bouts and it has appeared insufficiently to convince judges of my superiority. On arrival we and coaches have highlightes and made an analysis of my performance. I need to work harder at the trainings in order to be more successful.