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    Vadim Prisyazhnyuk: «The tournament in Serbia will be beneficial for our girls»
    Vadim Prisyazhnyuk: «The tournament in Serbia will be beneficial for our girls»
    The Nation's Cup international women tournament is annually held in Serbia. 
    08 january 2018

    This year the tournament will be from January 9 to January 15 in Sombor. Traditionally the Kazakhstan boxers will also participate in the tournament.

    The senior coach of the women's national team Vadim Prisyazhnyuk briefly told about plans for 2018 in an interview to the official web-site of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation.

    - You are going to Serbia on the international tournament. What purposes do you set at this competition?

    - The main objective of the tournament is to check our girls and to gain a practical application of some practices. And it is very important to review the potential competitors in the course of preparation for the main tournament of year. The tournament in Serbia is a remarkable that representatives of twenty national teams will participate in it. Europeans will generally compete with us. Representatives of China will also take part in the tournament. This is the first competition for us this year and I hope that it will become beneficial to the team. We will watch and estimate a shape of our boxers in Serbia. 

    - Does everybody feel good in the team? Do you plan to use the strongest structure?

    - Everyone is fine except for Nazym Kyzaybai and Valentina Khalzova who have an injury at this moment. We will wait for them to come back and then it will be possible to tell that we are in the best structure. 

    - What kinds of tournaments are important for you in respect of preparation for the WC in November?

    - Besides the tournament in Serbia, in March the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation organizes the competitions in Shchuchinsk where women boxers from ten countries will compete. After we plan to hold a joint educational training camp with China team which will be held before the Kazakhstan Championships. There we are going to select the candidates who will present our country at the summer Asian Games in Indonesia. And finally we will compete in the most important tournament of this year World Championships in India.