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    Marina Volnova has wished good luck to the Kazakhstan team at the Nation's Cup
    Marina Volnova has wished good luck to the Kazakhstan team at the Nation's Cup
    Today Marina Volnova has been awarded by the "Women and Sport" diploma from the International Olympic Committee signed by the President of the IOC Thomas Bach recognizing her big contribution to development of women's boxing around the world.
    16 january 2018

    The prize-winner of the Olympic Games in London has wished good luck to our participants at the Nation's Cup – one of the largest European women's boxing tournaments on women's which has started on January 10 in Sombor, Serbia. 22 Elite athletes from Kazakhstan are taking part in it.  

     - The team consists from well experienced and new boxers then coaches will review their performance and decide who will be in the team in the future. I always watch news and I visit the web-site kfb.kz every day and read the boxing articles and people who speaks about it.
    It is not the most important tournament in their life, it is a test event. They will gain an experience and look at the competitors.
    - The main tournament of this year is the Asian Games in August in Indonesia. Can you predict how our girls will compete there?
     - Boxing is an unpredictable sport. I'm sure that there are some girls who will prove themself, it will be not the first time for them to participate in such competitions. I can't predict. It will be better if they get more medals than earlier. I support them. I always speak to them as my soul and heart are with them all the time.