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    Almaz Kuatbekov: «Youth team girls have a great future!»
    Almaz Kuatbekov: «Youth team girls have a great future!»
    The Kazakhstan National Team has taken the third place in all-team competition.
    02 january 2018

     The senior coach of women's youth team Almaz Kuatbekov talked about his boxer’s performance at the World Championships in the interview to the official web-site of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation and he noted that he was satisfied with competitions level.

    - Almaz, what can you say about the last Youth World Championships in general? Are you satisfied with the organization?

    - In general I was satisfied with the level of the organization and its holding. Because it is the World Championships where 38 countries and 186 participants are taking part in the competition. You must be aware that Kazakhstan has taken the third place in all-team competition after Russia and India.

    - In India your athletes have won one gold, two silver and two bronze medals. The result is good for you?

    - I think the performance of our girls is successful. At the World Championships we had ten girls where and we could take five medals. How won't you call such performance as successful?     

    - Do you have a feeling that we could achieve more?

    - Actually we initially planned to win two gold medals. Besides Arailym Begdilda (81 kg) we also hoped "to take" the gold medal in 81+ weight category where Kazakhstan was represented by Dina Islambekova. Dina has won a silver medal in the final against Russian Kristina Tkachyova but I think that final was won by our boxer. For me and my colleagues Dina has won "gold" in her category.

    -  Did anyone make you surprised?

    - All our girls performed successfully. I want to mention Zhansaya Abdraimova (51 kg) and Zhansaya Baltabekova (60 kg) who became owners of bronze medals. They are very talented and they will be the main hope of the national team in the future. The coaching staff has great expectations on them. The most important things is to work hard and only then we will have the success.

    - What will you tell about Arailym Begdilda's success?

    - As I already said, Arailym was one of two candidates to get the gold medals. Her victory didn't make me surprised. She deserved the medal as she prepared for this championships very well. Her victory has to become for her a platform for further fulfillments. Arailym has the great future and I hope that she will represent out country at the Elite World Championships very soon. I can tell the same not only about Begdilda but also about all members of women's youth team!

    We will remind at the Youth World Championships held in Guwahati, India, our women's national team has won five medals. Arailym Begdilda (81 kg) representing Jambyl region became the winner, Dina Islambekova (81+ kg) and Zhazira Urakbayeva (48 kg) became silver prize-winners. Zhansaya Abdraimova (51 kg) and Zhansaya Baltabekova (60 kg) have got bronze medals.