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    Aiboldy Daurenuly: «I have specific goals in amateur boxing»
    Aiboldy Daurenuly: «I have specific goals in amateur boxing»
    In February he became the silver prize-winner of the tournament in Hungary.
    01 march 2018

    The bronze prize-winner of the last Kazakhstan National Boxing Championships Aiboldy Daurenuly has shared impressions of getting into the national team in the interview.

    - Aiboldy, tell us please about how is a training of the national team now?

    - After short vacation we returned to the training hall. We carried out joint sparrings with teams of Russia and Uzbekistan. The main start of the current year is the Asian Games in Indonesia.

    - In your weight category there are skilled boxers as Olzhas Bukayev, Nurbolat Sermakhanov and Kamshybek Kunkabayev. What will you tell about the competition to them?

    - They are worthy. They are preparing hard as me and want to draw attention of coaching staff. The main stage I think there will be performances at the President's Cup tournament which will take place in the summer. After this tournament coaches will also make the decision. I only hope that I will achieve the set objective and I will be in good shape prior to big events. I hope that I won't have injuries.   

    - Last year was successful for you.

    - The biggest achievement was getting into the national team. I had a long way and I want to be there as long as possible. Concerning last year I consider that it was possible to act better. It is only beginning only and the main thing is to follow the goal and to work hard. Everything will be good.

    - You have a number of the international tournaments in this year. You won the silver medal in Hungary.

    - Yes, the tournament in the Hungarian Debrecen has turned out difficult for me, but very interesting and useful. There wasn't enough experience in the final; however I am happy with the performance. In March I will take part in the tournament in Poland. I want to win a gold medal. Games in Indonesia are my main goal this year. There is a wish to finish year with a victory. It would be great. Nothing was gained in advance.