Montblanc 4810 ExoTourbillon Anniversary Editions (Live Pictures)sharetweetshareIn celebration of the 110th anniversary, Montblanc introduced five new models - one with an all new caliber - in their 4810 collection. The revamped collection is built to reflect the era of adventurous sea travel for the turn of the century, around the time Montblanc was founded (in 1910).  The 4810 collection can be a reference to the 4,810-meter height of Mont Blanc, the greatest mountain in Europe, for the purpose the business was named, and is also thus iconic on the brand.The star from the new 4810 lineup may be the ExoTourbillon Slim, with an all new manufacture caliber, the MB 29.21, a tourbillon which has a stop-seconds function for precise setting. The movement is ultra-slim, measuring only 4.5 mm thick as well as the cased watch only 10.14 mm thick. Based on Montblanc, 2 things make this a high-performance tourbillon: a light-weight cage that ends up with higher precision and improved isochronism; as well as a large (9.7 mm), 18-screw balance wheel, adjustable in four positions. The check sits outside and higher than the tourbillon cage, where it can be seen to avoid oscillating when the watch has been set - the red seconds indicator on the cage also stops in the event the watch has been set. The dial is decorated in Montblanc's signature exploding star guilloche pattern. The automatic Caliber 29.21 includes a micro-rotor, engraved in the côtes de Geneve Eventail (fan) pattern, allowing the movement to appear through the crystal caseback. The ExoTourbillon Slim, real rolex which has been 3 years in development, watches are going to be tied to 36 pieces in rose gold, priced at $34,500.North of manchester American kind of the 4810 ExoTourbillon Slim 110th Anniversary Edition with hand painted dials.There's also three special editions of the 4810 ExoTourbillon Slim with miniature hand-painted maps of United states, Asia and Europe. It will require seven days to make each dial with this limited edition of 110 pieces each. They contain Caliber MB29.24 - also which has a stop-seconds function but no micro-rotor - coming in at $43,400. The new 4810 lineup also includes a fresh Day-Date with Caliber 24.02, a Chronograph Automatic with Caliber MB 25.07, and a Twin Fly Chrono with Caliber MB LL100.1. All with the new models meet the standards of Montblanc's Laboratory Test 500, simulating real-life wear for upwards of 500 hours.The Montblanc 4810 Twin Fly Chronograph.A special edition 4810 Orbis Terrarum Pocket Watch Unique 110 was also created to mark the anniversary. The 53-mm stainless case is designed like a pocket watch having a chain, but additionally incorporates a built-in integrated stand, authorized rolex dealers transforming it to a desk clock. The caseback is engraved using a transatlantic ocean liner . It contains the automatic Caliber MB 29.20.The 4810 Orbis Terrarum Pocket Watch Exclusive edition 110.The Orbis Terrarum Pocket Watch Limited Edition 110 is created as a pocket watch with a chain, but additionally includes a built-in integrated stand, transforming it in a desk clock.More pictures:sharetweetshare omega watches replica
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