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Structure & Key Focus Areas

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The Kazakhstan Boxing Federation, which is an association of legal entities, carries out its activities within the framework of its key focus areas identified by the Federation’s President for the current Olympic cycle.


The Federation’s priorities are:

  • to organize trainings and competitions as well as physical infrastructure and financial support for national boxing teams of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • to cooperate with regional federations;
  • to cooperate with coaches, instructors and judges;
  • to provide comprehensive research and medical support for national boxing teams;
  • to engage in international activities and participate in international AIBA projects;
  • to promote boxing and carry out PR activities.


Organizing Trainings and Competitions, Physical Infrastructure and Financial Support for the National Boxing Teams of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The basis for arranging competitions and trainings is the Calendar Schedule of Sport Events and Recreation Activities, Major National and International Boxing Competitions drawn up by the Coaches Board and approved by the President of the Federation and Vice Chairman of the Sports and Physical Education Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


To optimize the Federation’s activities, a cooperation agreement was concluded with the Sports and Physical Education Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which helps to tackle organizational issues in a more efficient way.  In addition, the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation and regional/city boxing federations regularly cooperate with local executive authorities and sports departments.


Thanks to the Federation’s efforts, state-of-art facilities for high-quality and proper training of national teams were developed.  The Federation solved issues related to financial support, physical infrastructure as well as medical and research support.  The Federation ensured participation of Kazakhstan sportsmen in various international and national tournaments and training camps.


The Kazakhstan Boxing Federation accredited four sports centers equipped with up-to-date sports facilities to train Kazakhstan National Boxing Team athletes and organize training camps.  Everything is arranged here for effective all-year-round trainings and for sportsmen’s recovery after tournaments.  The training centers are located in different natural environment and climatic zones, which allows for better planning of training processes.



Cooperation with Regional Federations

The Federation lays special focus on developing boxing in regions across Kazakhstan, in particular, improving the exiting physical infrastructure.


Thanks largely to an active cooperation with sponsors, sports complexes equipped with necessary sports facilities are being opened in the regions.


For example, in 2012, the South Kazakhstan Boxing Federation launched boxing centers in Kentau and Arys, and the Karaganda Regional Boxing Federation set up a boxing center in Secondary School No. 7, Oktyabrsky District, and in Ayaguz, East Kazakhstan Region.


In 2011, the Capital City Boxing Federation, Karaganda and Pavlodar Regional Boxing Federations managed to arrange construction of new sports complexes.


Initiated by Mr. T.A. Kulibayev, President of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation, the national competition Kazakhstan Boxing Federation Cup was launched with a view to developing boxing in regions and discovering young talented sportsmen.


Currently, the Federation is focused on standardizing the physical inventory and boxing sections performance in the regions, including the following activities:


  • developing theoretical and practical training courses for coaches, judges, sportsmen and other specialists;
  • drawing up training and methodological materials to be issued for regional boxing sections;
  • working out the Boxing Development Program until 2017 to cover training of sportsmen from local and national teams.



Cooperation with Coaches, Instructors and Judges

The Coaches Board and the Judges Committee were formed to coordinate the activities of coaches and judges.


Based on a review of the work done by the national team coaches and with a view to improving the effectiveness of their work, it was decided to strengthen the national team coaching staff through the involvement of additional specialists (coaches, consulting coaches, materials developers, etc.). This will allow improving the quality of the training process and the sportsmen’s fitness level in the national teams.


One of the most important factors that influence the sports development dynamics is competent judging. Taking the fact into account, the Federation actively cooperates with judges. Regular training and qualification workshops are carried out.

At present, the judiciary looks as follows: one judge has a “5 stars” international IABA category; 7 judges – “3 stars”; 2 judges – “2 stars”; and 9 judges – “1 star”. In 2010, only four judges had a “3 stars” category. 



Comprehensive Research and Medical Support for National Teams

Sportsmen’s achievements are attributable mainly to the medical-biological and psychological components of the training process.  To this end, the Federation formed an integrated research group to provide high-quality biomedical services for the national teams. The work of experienced professionals – sports doctor, psychologist, and biochemist – makes it possible to improve the level of physical and psychological training of boxers, and allows them to recover faster and more efficiently. The Federation is cooperating with leading international sports science centers. Sportsmen and coaches have medical insurance and undergo regular comprehensive medical checks.

The Federation plans to expand its integrated research group with experts in sports medicine. 



International Activities, Participation in AIBA Projects

The Federation’s cooperation with AIBA is being successfully developed.  At present, there are 8 members representing Kazakhstan in AIBA management bodies and various commissions, which is a significant achievement of the Federation’s activities in this area.


Election of Mr. T.A. Kulibayev, President of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation, as the AIBA Vice President and a Member of the AIBA Executive Committee shows that the Federation’s reputation is being strengthened in the international sports world.


The Kazakhstan Boxing Federation has been actively involved in AIBA projects.


The Federation has participated in the World Series of Boxing for the third season already.  Moreover, it takes an active part in AIBA’s innovative project, AIBA Professional Boxing, to start in 2014.


For the first time ever, the World Boxing Championship will be held in Kazakhstan in 2013.  Also, the construction of the AIBA World Boxing Academy will be completed.



Boxing Promotion, PR Activities

All national and international events are regularly reported in the media, the ‘Ring.kz’ magazine is published, and the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation’s website www.kfb.kz is available in the Internet.


As instructed by the Federation’s President, a massive PR campaign ‘Let’s Win Together! KazMunayGas’ was launched during the 30th Summer Olympic Games in collaboration with KazMunayGas NC JSC, the General Sponsor.



Almost all media resources were involved in this campaign – electronic and printed world media, internet, and outdoor advertising:


  • promo videos were rotated on national and local TV channels;
  •  various articles were published in central and local magazines;
  • the website www.olimpik.kfb.kz was active;
  • semi-finals and finals were demonstrated on TV for general public;
  • billboards were installed in Astana, Almaty and regional centers.


The medal winners of the Olympic Games took part in various socially important projects.


Structure Kazakhstan Boxing Federation Association of Legal Entities


Boxing Development in Kazakhstan


Boxing enjoys popularity and develops dynamically in Kazakhstan, which is testified by statistical data.  Thus, as of the beginning of 2013, the replica breitling number of people doing this kind of sports reached 33,379 having increased by some 11,000 during 2012.  There are 288 boxing schools and 927 coaches operating in Kazakhstan.


Region by Region Breakdown


Capital City Boxing Federation, Astana

The city of Astana has 5 specialized boxing gyms specialized boxing gyms with 616 attendees and 30 coaches.


Almaty City Boxing Federation

The city of Almaty has 4 specialized boxing gyms with about 3,000 attendees and 40 coaches.


Aktobe Boxing Federation

The region has 13 specialized boxing gyms with 2,768 attendees and 17 coaches.


Almaty Oblast Boxing Federation

The region has 26 specialized boxing gyms with 5,000 attendees and 72 coaches.


Atyrau Oblast Boxing Federation

The region has 7 specialized boxing gyms with 1,116 attendees and 36 coaches.


East Kazakhstan Oblast Amateur Boxing Federation

The region has 16 specialized boxing gyms with 1,740 attendees and 65 coaches.  This year is expected to see construction of a comprehensive physical training and recreation center of combat and strength sports.


Zhambyl Oblast Boxing Federation

The region has 33 schools, including 4 specialized boxing gyms, with 3,089 attendees and 122 coaches.


West Kazakhstan Oblast Boxing Federation

The region has 3 boxing gyms, including 1 specialized gum, with 404 attendees and 21 coaches.


Karaganda Oblast Boxing Federation

The region has 30 boxing gyms with 2,194 attendees and 51 coaches.


Kostanai Oblast Boxing Federation

The region has 25 sports boxing gyms, including 13 specialized ones, with 1,959 attendees and 48 coaches.


Kyzylorda Oblast Amateur Boxing Federation

The region has 28 specialized boxing gyms with 1,500 attendees and 42 coaches.


Mangystau Oblast Boxing Federation

The region has 14 specialized boxing gyms with 1,500 attendees and 37 coaches.


Pavlodar Region Boxing Federation

The region has 16 specialized boxing gyms with 1,227 attendees and 45 coaches.


North Kazakhstan Oblast Boxing Federation

The region has 12 gyms, including 3 specialized ones, with 800 attendees and 31 coaches.


South Kazakhstan Oblast Boxing Federation

The region has 45 boxing gyms with 5,300 attendees and 225 coaches.  Construction of a comprehensive physical training and recreation center of combat and strength sports is currently underway in Turkestan.


Akmola Amateur Boxing Federation 

The region has 11 sports schools with 1,166 attendees and 45 coaches.