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    Vadim Prisyazhnyuk: «There was a high boxing level at the Kazakhstan Championships. It was great»
    Vadim Prisyazhnyuk: «There was a high boxing level at the Kazakhstan Championships. It was great»
    In some divisions we have seen new leaders.
    21 may 2018

    Senior coach of the Kazakhstan National Women’s Team Vadim Prisyazhnyuk in the interview to the official website of Kazakhstan Boxing Federation summed up the results of the Kazakhstan National Championships.

    - Kazakhstan National Women’s Championships was done. What kind of conclusions did you have?

    - The tournament was successful. The general level of participants was also great and they showed spectacular bouts in front of audience. I note that in some divisions we have got new leaders: Aigerim Kasenayeva (48), Saniya Sultankyzy (57), Milana Safronova (64), Rimma Volosenko (60) and Akerke Bakhytzhan (69). It is really good that we have a strong competition which always helps to grow.

    - What can you say about the spirit of participants and the level of organization?

    - We saw that girls’ spirit was on fire. We didn’t know about their shapes because we didn’t have the training camp and everyone had different trainings at their residences. They could have not enough sparrings. So we might see their preparation during the bouts. But if we had a training camp we could change ways of preparation. In regions we have some problems with that.   

    Organization of the tournament was high. The venue was very good. And other things such as logistics were successfully organized.

    - Could anyone surprise you?

    - It was interesting to watch the bout between Milana Safronova and Madina Nurshayeva (64 kg). On my opinion Madina was tired in the final. But Milana was great. She had a good chance and she won. However, Nurshayeva is more qualified boxer.

    I also liked Fariza Sholtai who has won the gold medal in 81 kg weight category. We can see how she has grown up as a boxer. Aigerim Kasenayeva showed her best skills and won her first gold medal.

    - Can we expect that out girls will successfully participate in World Championships in India?

    - Yes, we can. We will do our best to take the first all teams place. We should prove that 4 gold and 2 bronze medals won in Astana 2016 was not just a casual one. We have enough time and I think that we will be successful.