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    Nurlan Akurpekov: «New season - new faces in «Astana Arlans»
    Nurlan Akurpekov: «New season - new faces in «Astana Arlans»
    The next season WSB will start at the beginning of February.
    15 january 2018

    The head coach of Astana Arlans club Nurlan Akurpekov in an interview to the official web-site of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation has told about the expectations from the coming season of the World Series of Boxing:

     - If the India team is not taken into account other two are well known to us - Akurpekov says. - At the same time I want to note that boxers from India shouldn't be underestimated in any way. Since January 7 we will have the training camp in Boxing Academy in Almaty. Closer to start of the World Series of Boxing we will see what structures our competitors will use and how we can beat them. As a part of Astana Arlans club there will be many new faces. These are perspective boxers who are capable to prove in the future. Our task is to improve their skills and help them to gain the experience.

    Many of those who competed in "Astana Arlans" last year became the prize-winners of the last National Championships. Therefore now they will have a chance to be in the national team and to protect an honor of Kazakhstan at the big international tournaments. Closer to a decisive stage of the tournament it is possible that leaders of the national team will help us.

    - What should we expect from bouts against boxers from Celestial Empire?  

    - In boxing there are no easy fights. Behind any victory there is a hard work. Therefore it is possible to say that it will be difficult. We begin a season with an away match in China. There are certain inconveniences which are connected with the fact that right after general physical preparation which will take place in the mountain area we will be expected by a match in Celestial Empire. There is a risk that the organism will not adapt enough to new climatic conditions. On the other hand we have a considerable experience in such case. In the first match we plan to expose our leaders so I think if we are well prepared, we will begin a season with a victory.