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    Shamil Safiullin: «I owe this victory in the The Best Coach of the Year nomination to the success of my boxer»
    Shamil Safiullin: «I owe this victory in the The Best Coach of the Year nomination to the success of my boxer»
    The coach of the Asian Champion Madina Nurshayeva Shamil Safiuliin became the best women boxing coach. In an interview to the official web-site of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation he shares the opinion on the expiring year and tells future plans.
    29 december 2017

     - My congratulations with a victory in the "Best Women Boxing Coach" nomination! What do you think about it? Are you surprised?

    - We undertook a systematic and very labor-intensive work. We had a long prepared period for the Asia Championships held in Vietnam. It is not only my merit but Madina also contributed to this victory and became the champion of the continental tournament. Without her my victory would be impossible.

    - Her victory at the Asian Championships of Asia was surprised for you?

    - She had a good path to this victory as at the last tournament she has conceded in China to the representative of Celestial Empire. Then she was worried about this failure very much and set a goal to win in Ho Chi Minh. Besides this victory Madina also took priority at the championships of Kazakhstan has also won the international tournament class "A" in Poland where in fight for getting into the final she was resisted by the strong athlete from Russia. But the ring is a ring and you never know what will be then in spite of the fact that we planned to win "gold" in Vietnam.

    - What do you think of the expiring 2017 for our women's boxing? Is it possible to call it as successful one?

    - This year we couldn't be happier about our girls who have recently competed at the Asia Championships where they have won gold, two silver and four bronze medals. It is progress in comparison with the last continental tournament as then we have brought one gold and three bronze medals.

    - Who else besides Nurshayeva could take gold at the continental tournament?

    - I consider that Valentina Khalzova (69 kg) didn’t lose the final bout to her opponent who was from China too. It is not their first bout and last year they were in the final of the World Championships in Astana. That final Valentina has won.

    - At the Olympic Games in Tokyo the amount of weight categories in women's boxing will be five. How will it affect on development of this sport in Kazakhstan?

    - Undoubtedly it will become a good incentive for other girls because every athlete dreams to become the Olympic champion. In boxing it often happens that to keep within a certain weight the boxer "reconstitutes" or artificially increases the weight. Many of them give up the trainings because of it and boxing at all. So it will be a good innovation. We hope that in Kazakhstan there will become one more Olympic champion.

    - What are goals of the women's national team in 2018?

    - Ahead the World Cup in India and Asian Games in Indonesia. So we involve two teams and each team will have its program. These competitions will take place in a small period – in August Games in Indonesia and in two months the World Cup in India starts. We need to prepare teams as much as possible because sometimes boxers are not in good shape in such limited interval of time. We have applied three weight categories and we will try to bring the maximum quantity of medals.  

    We remind that within the tournament of the Confederation of combat sports and strength sports Cup the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation has presented awards to the best in boxing in 2017.

    Kairat Yeraliyev who this year in Hamburg has won World Cup gold medal became as "The Best Boxer 2017". "The Best Women Boxer" became an Asian Champion Madina Nurshayeva. Arailym Begdilda who has just won gold medal at the Youth World Cup became "The Best Youth Boxer".

    The head coach of the National Men's Team Myrzagali Aitzhanov who is also a personal coach of Kairat Yeraliyev became as "The Best Men's Boxing Coach" and Shamil Safiullin, Madina Nurshayeva's coach, became "The Best Women's Boxing Coach".